You cannot put anything that is considered dangerous, hazardous or requires a permit to move into the skip bin. Examples include asbestos, tyres, liquids such as oil, paint or thinners, noxious chemicals, herbicides and pesticides, medical waste, explosives and gas cylinders. Household food waste and nappies are also not allowed.

It is illegal to transport overloaded skip bins and all of our skip bins are marked clearly with DO NOT FILL PAST THIS LINE you must not load our bins past this point. If a skip bin has been filled above the maximum height, you will be given the option to hire an additional bin, or remove the excess rubbish or additional fees may apply.

It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain the consent and specific requirements of the council or any other relevant Authority if the bin is to be placed on land owned or controlled by the Council or that Authority. We will endeavour to place the bin in your requested position. It must remain in that location until pickup and it is not to be moved by any means or method other than our drivers.

We collect payment on delivery of the bin or you can pre-pay by electronic transfer. Our drivers can accept cash or cheque and will receipt your docket. Most customers choose to pay by arrange electronic transfer if they do not expect to be on site at delivery.